Transport Insurance

Our Transport Insurance offers the ideal protection from House to House.


Compensation in case of loss or damage your cargos up to the full value, regardless of who caused the damage. Additional your cargos are insured in a official storage house (original packed) up to 30 days after arrival on the place of destination.


Choose our insurance Against All Risk (AAR clause) and you are always on the safe side!


Without transport insurance, there is no compensation for natural disasters, damage during loading and unloading, cargo handling, third party fault and general average (Havarie Grosse). The carrier is not liable in many cases, or only with limited liability!

For example the property damages at different carriers:
Shipping Line acc. Hague-Visby Rules SDR 2,-- each kg or maximum SDR 666,67 each Colli/Container

Shipping Line acc. Hamburg Rules SDR 2,50 each kg or maximum SDR 835,-- each Colli/Container

Forwarding Agency acc. the GT&C (AÖSp.) EUR 1,09 each kg or max. EUR 1.090,-- for the complete shipment

Air Line acc. Warsaw Convention USD 20,-- each kg

Road Carrier acc. CMR Terms SDR 8,33 each kg

Rail Carrier acc. CIM Terms SDR 17,-- each kg

Link to: SDR (Special Drawing Rights) acc. International Monetary Fund