Business Conditions


We are working according the General Austrian Forwarders Terms and Conditions, Link to GT&C/AÖSp, latest version. Our offers are based on today valid rates, wages, rates, tariffs, fuel surcharges, legal provisions, unhindered transport routes, free choice of carrier, excluding VAT. and subject to effective solid conclusion.



For commercial goods, packaged commercially available and suitable for transport. Not dangerous cargo according to ADR, RID, IMDG and IMCO rules. Cargoes transported as Less-than Container Load (LCL) or as Less-than Truck Load (LTL) have to be fully stackable, overstowable and storeable. Cargoes transported as breakbulk Load, conventional Load and Roll On/Roll Off Load must be packed seaworthy with lashing and securing marks and have to be fully stackable, overstowable, storeable, crane and forklift able. Any exceptions to this require express written confirmation / agreement.


Empty containers and shipping space:

Subject to availability of empty containers and shipping space.


Transit times and vessel routings:

Information about transit times and vessel routings are indications based on pro forma schedules (subject to change).



All surcharges how for example Bunker Adjustment Factor (BAF), Fuel Adjustment Factor (FAF), Low Sulphur Surcharge (LSS), Currency Adjustment Factor (CAF), War Risk, Piracy Risk, Port Congestion, Vessel- and Port- Security, Suez-Canal- and Panama-Canal- Transit, Terminal Handling Charge (THC), Terminal Handling Charge Origin (THO), Terminal Handling Charge Destination (THD), Peak Season Surcharge (PSS), ... , are valid at time of shipping (v.a.t.o.s.).


Excludes services:

- Customs Clearance Export and Import

- Customs duties, taxes and other government customs duties

- Storage charges for goods ( inside the warehouse and outside the warehouse )

- Storage charges for container

- Demurrage charges for loaded container

- Detention charges of empty container

- Demurrage charges for Trailers

- Courier Charges for Documents dispatch

- Heat treatment of wood packaging

- VGM Verified Gross Mass ) according SOLAS rules

- Container Seal

- Cargos import, export and transit licenses

- Not offered quantified or defined benefits

- Transport insurance

- Late payment interest and reminder fees


Additional charges:

Additional charges for storage, rent and other costs because there are no unhindered transport routes. For example, ship and train timetable changes. General delay due to train cancellations. Seaport, terminal and train track closures, construction work and strikes. Always at the expense of the customer and the goods.


Payment conditions:

All the forwarder's invoices must be paid promptly, section 29 of the General Austrian Forwarding Terms, AÖSp, or according to at present valid billing agreement with SeaMan Shipping, otherwise the document is issued only against payment in cash. Exceeding the payment period will be charged interest of 1,5% per month and reminder charges. Our invoices are payable and recoverable in Graz.


Quotation validity:

All quotations made by the forwarder are only valid subject to prompt acceptance for immediate execution of the order concerned, unless stipulated otherwise in the quotation, and only to the extent that the quotation is referenced in the confirmation of the order. Or up to the named date or until further notice. Our offer make all the previous quote, rates, offers and conditions of the named relation/s suspended.



Complaints of our invoices can only be considered within a period of 7 days from the invoice issue date. Complaints on the cargo (condition of the cargo, quantity and weight) must reported on the day of delivery or taking over.


Severability clause:

If any provision of these conditions invalid, the validity of all other provisions of these conditions not affected.